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FurugiStar was born of a fascination with the thoughts and feelings evoked by handmade antique fabrics. Textiles with a connection to the artisans and former owners hold a richness that new fabrics just don’t possess.

I identify with the Japanese concept of ‘yu yo no bi’ – beauty in practicality, and ‘mottainai’ – waste not want not. These concepts have great relevance to the sustainable fashion movement to which I hope my shop contributes, at least in a small way.

My shop specialises in Japanese textiles of history and substance. Together with antiques and vintage items found in and around Tokyo.

I am mainly interested in boro, antique noragi (collectible Japanese farming wear), sashiko, indigo, kasuri (ikat) and katazome (stencil resist dyed) cottons.

If you are interested in Japanese these too, or indeed any Japanese antiques then keep my shop bookmarked.

I also list vintage obi and kimono as a supply material or simply to wear.

For promotions, updates and info follow me:

Japanese Antique Indigo Textiles Blog
FurugiStar Collection

Vintage and Cultural Topics of Japan Blog
FurugiStar Japan

FurugiStar Shop


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